About us

Blind Havoc was created during the Covid-19 pandemic by 20 year old entrepreneur Jayton Metcalf.  His goal was to create a brand that stood for positivity. So people who love spreading joy had fashionable "streetwear" clothing to wear. After the first couple of months he realized he can do more than just make clothes with a great message, he can build a community around it as well. 

This is exactly what he's been working on ever since. Whether it's the weekly positive texts he sends out to his newsletter, the inspiring posts he makes on Instagram, or the customized motivational Thank You cards in every order! He is truly building a growing community around positivity He has received hundreds of messages on how Blind Havoc has positively impacted people's lives, which means way more than sales ever could.

Blind Havoc's website launched October/26th/2020, the instagram account 3 months prior. Blind Havoc is continuing to grow and Jayton's focus isn't going anywhere.

"Keep being Blind to the Havoc, search for the good" - Jayton Metcalf