Blind Havoc Community

Blind Havoc goes deeper than just clothes, it is a community of individuals looking to spread love & positivity! Here are just a few members of our positive community!



Gable Steveson (Olympic Gold medalist) wearing our 'Love Over Hate' Tee in Tokyo.


Rashod Bateman - (NFL 1st round pick) wearing our 'Blind to hate, greed & jealousy' crewneck.



Cavinder twins Hanna & Haley (Tik-Tok/basketball superstars) rocking our 'Love Over Hate' Tee! 

 Jaymin Rocking our Blind to Hate Greed & Jealousy Crewneck, he's always spreading positivity 


Mya repping Blind Havoc in her new crewneck!! Staying Blind to Hate!



Jada Williams (Gold medalist & top 5 recruit) working out in our 'Love Over Hate' Tee


Dagen spreading smiles in our 'Smile When You See This' Tee! Keep being great Dagen

 Mesh rocking our Love over Hate tee

Davin wearing Blind Havoc on his first day of 3rd grade!


Blind Havoc spotting outside the Rod Wave concert in Minneapolis



Smith brothers rocking Blind Havoc!


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